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On this page you’ll find my most recent albums and singles, with selected listening samples from each album.  You can listen to snippets of all songs from a particular album by clicking the desired cover or button below.

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Thoughts at an Intersection (2009)

  1. Bad Heart (2:34)
  2. Alternate Universe (3:16)
  3. Warning Signs 3:41
  4. Boys are So Sensitive (2:53)
  5. Tracking System (5:17)
  6. Ready (3:24)
  7. Advice Giver (3:36)
  8. Formerly Chicago (4:02)
  9. Day in the Sun (3:48)
  10. Slip Away (4:12)
  11. Time Song (3:25)
  12. Thoughts at an Intersection (on a Rainy Night) (3:05)

All songs © Sue Fink, Black Sheep Kid Publishing, BMI

Sue’s 2nd full-length album explores the intersections that we encounter – literally and figuratively, consciously or not – every day. The dreamy artwork by Mary Lewis supports this theme, and includes a 12-page booklet with lyrics and credits. Sue divides the twelve original songs into “Side A: Dream/Awake” and “Side B: Awake/Dream.” When asked the difference between the two, Sue says, “Not much… and that would be the point!”

  • “Boys are So Sensitive” was “Top 5” winner in Folk/Americana category of 13th Annual Great American Song Contest
  • “Tracking System” placed as finalist in Big Top Chatauqua’s “Celebration of the Song” songwriting competition, 2011
  • “Tracking System” also placed as a finalist in 13th Annual Great American Song Contest

Damsel in Distress (2006)

  1. The Saga of Pearl (It’s Not You) 5:22
  2. Fine Line 4:10
  3. Unencumbered by Love 4:52
  4. Damsel In Distress  3:21
  5. Goin’ Fishin’  4:03
  6. Not Lookin’ (for Love)  3:05
  7. I Saw a Bird  3:37
  8. Our Last Goodbye  5:26
  9. Tale of Rover  3:53
  10. Back Road to Your Heart 3:21
  11. Song of the Cell  5:52
  12. Tonight  4:31

All songs © Sue Fink, Black Sheep Kid Publishing, BMI

Sue’s 1st full-length album incorporates humor, whimsy, sadness, and hope in a variety of styles. Musicians include: Sons of the Never Wrong (harmonies by Sue Demel and Deb Lader, engineered and co-produced by Bruce Roper); internationally acclaimed banjoist Michael Miles; esteemed jazz pianist Bob Long; and many more. Lyric booklet included.

  • WXRT’s Richard Milne (“Local Anesthetic”) selected “Saga of Pearl” as one of his Top 10 Songs of 2006

SongSisters LIVE! (2013)

  1. Kinder 1:53
  2. Tell Me Now 2:49
  3. Magic Potion 2:51
  4. I Don’t Do Country 3:07
  5. Kathy’s Dance 4:30
  6. Take Back 2:47
  7. Dervish Heart 3:13
  8. At the End of the Day 3:11
  9. If Only You Weren’t You 3:51
  10. Dattsalottawatta 4:20
  11. Kabir’s Song 3:12

SongSisters – Amy Dixon-Kolar, Patti Shaffner, and Sue Fink – recorded their album live at Davenports Piano Bar & Cabaret (Chicago), with Bruce Roper engineering. Album includes originals and covers. Instead of a lyric booklet, this CD contains a .pdf file of lyrics and additional pictures, easily accessible from any computer.

  • Tracks 1 & 11 are covers; #2, 5, and 8 © Amy Dixon-Kolar; #3, 6, and 9 © Sue Fink; and #4, 7, and 10 © Patti Shaffner

New Singles: Indigo Blue* (2014) & Lonely Little Ghostie (2015)

* Indigo Blue to be included in upcoming project