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About (Chicago) Sue Fink

Chicago-based singer/songwriter Sue Fink has been entertaining audiences since 2001 with her quirky tales of love gone awry. Her poetry/ fiction-writing background informs her witty, compelling story-songs. Her genre is acoustic/folk with a hint of jazz and a large dollop of humor: think Christine Lavin, with a dash of Rickie Lee Jones, Melanie, and Nellie McKay.

Somehow Sue transmits her light-heartedness to her audience; as they connect and engage, a cyclical energy exchange takes place.  Listeners appreciate the gentle humor and sharp wit of her songs.

PLEASE NOTE:  Amazingly enough, there are TWO Sue Fink singer/songwriters!  Equally wonderful, we are two separate beings.  I'm the Chicago-based Sue Fink; the other Sue Fink (Angel City Chorale director, vocal instructor at McCabes), based in L.A., can be found elsewhere.   Smile

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