Sue Fink

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Click here to visit Sue's Reverbnation page for additional bio, quotes, songs, pictures, etc.

"A sophisticated and mature singer and songwriter with a disarming little-girl voice, Sue Fink has honed her craft on the local folk scene, performing regularly at venues such as Uncommon Ground. That woodshedding, coupled with a tastefully fleshed-out sound on her new album "Thoughts at an Intersection," are part of what make her stand out from the many other musicians gently strumming their acoustic guitars.  The real appeal, however, is Fink's distinctive, off-kilter worldview, as witnessed in songs such as "Alternate Universe" ("In my alternate universe/Things only get better, not worse") and the anti-corporate-naming-rights anthem "Formerly Chicago" ("And in the city formerly known as Chicago/In either Nike or Reebok Field/I parted the Starbucks flowers/And in the tall GM grasses I kneeled"), written even before the city's tallest building became the Willis Tower."
-- Jim DeRogatis, Critic, Chicago Sun Times -- full article here

"Singer/songwriter Sue Fink presents 12 polished songs on her third full-length, Thoughts At An Intersection. A variety of pleasant, easy-listening pop styles (from jazzy to country) are explored — all meant to highlight her gentle and at times vulnerable vocals. A host of talented musicians, providing everything from cello to piano, assist her in realizing her wistful, humorous, and serious observations about life."
– Jason Scales,
Illinois Entertainer

"Sue's CD is outstanding, in particular her moving song, "Tracking System", an exceptional composition. Sue is funny and delightfully quirky, but she is also more than capable of writing serious material. Her CD, Thoughts at an Intersection is most highly recommended. Having been to her live show, I can say this--you will have a great time, be thoroughly entertained, and walk away with a lighter step and a smile on your face!"
-- Lilli Kuzma, host, Folk Festival, WDCB Public Radio -- this quote is found at the end of Gary Tuber's review,
"Sue Fink has 'Thoughts at an Intersection' " 

Click here to read Andy Downing's interview with me in the Chicago Tribune, which came out right before my 10/25/09 CD release... 

"Sue's wonderfully witty and well-written CD, Thoughts at  an Intersection, is a great piece of music and worth your time to explore a bit.  If you are not familiar with it, I encourage you to give it a  listen."
-- Craig Huegel, host, Our Kind of Folk, WSLR, Sarasota, FL

"Sue Fink has plenty to say and she communicates every bit of it. Expressive and meaningful... If you have the attention span to listen to a writer who can spin a good tale with both humor and sensitivity, Thoughts at an Intersection is worth repeated listens."
-- Chuck Cheesman, singer/songwriter -- read full review here