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Pictures of Thoughts at an Intersection CD Release Show @The Orphanage, 10/25/2009
All Photos by David Sameshima

OK, folks... here's basically how it went...  I stood with my hands at my temples, trying to drink in the magic, trying to memorize the audience, the evening, so I could re-live it again and again.  Friend David Sameshima took these wonderful pictures, by the way...

Part 1:  Bruce Roper, of Sons of the Never Wrong (Bruce, Sue Demel, & Deb Lader) -- one of my 2 recording engineers -- opened with an old Sons tune, joined by dear friends Nancy Walker (one of the original Sons), in from NY for the event, and Jenny Bienemann (an honorary Son!).  Then, good friend Noah Zacharin, in from Toronto, favored us with some songs... then it was my turn.

(Just single-click whichever picture you wish to enlarge!)

TAI_ReleaseShow_01/10_BeginShow.JPG TAI_ReleaseShow_01/09_NewSons.JPG TAI_ReleaseShow_01/08_SueIntroducingNoah.JPG TAI_ReleaseShow_01/07_CoolNoahZacharin.JPG
TAI_ReleaseShow_01/06_BadHeart_Sue.JPG TAI_ReleaseShow_01/05_BadHeart_Group.JPG TAI_ReleaseShow_01/04_WarningSigns.JPG TAI_ReleaseShow_01/03_DeanMilano_JeffFrankel.JPG
TAI_ReleaseShow_01/02_JimHines_KathrynLake.JPG TAI_ReleaseShow_01/01_FormerlyChgo_Group.JPG

Part 2:  About halfway through the show I sang "Someone to Watch Over Me," dedicated to my imaginary boyfriend Bruce Springsteen.  Lo and behold, 'Bruce' answered the call! (looking suspiciously like my friend Noah...)  'Bruce' sang "Working on a Dream" - how apropos! - and I sang harmony and played harmonica! 

TAI_ReleaseShow_02/08_DeanMilano_JessicaFogle.JPG TAI_ReleaseShow_02/07_SlipAway_SueNancyMegKath.JPG TAI_ReleaseShow_02/06_SomeoneToWatch.JPG TAI_ReleaseShow_02/05_Sue_Springsteen.JPG
TAI_ReleaseShow_02/04_SueBruce.JPG TAI_ReleaseShow_02/03_SueBruce.JPG TAI_ReleaseShow_02/02_SueBruce.JPG TAI_ReleaseShow_02/01_SueBruce_Band.JPG
TAI_ReleaseShow_02/10_JimHines.JPG TAI_ReleaseShow_02/09_MegLauterbach.JPG

Part 3:  More show pics.  The 'grand finale' included the full band:  Jim Hines, drums; Dean Milano, bass; Jeff Frankel, guitar (both Jeff and Bruce Roper were the recording engineers for my CD); Jessica Fogle, keyboard; Meg Lauterbach, cello; Kathryn Lake, violin, and of course yours truly.  Noah Zacharin also joined on guitar, and singing harmony were Jeanne T. Arrigo, Jenny Bienemann, and Nancy Walker.  Please see my Links page to learn more about these fine musicians. 

TAI_ReleaseShow_03/JessicaFogle.JPG TAI_ReleaseShow_03/10_CrowdShot.JPG TAI_ReleaseShow_03/09_Tracking_SueMegKathryn.JPG TAI_ReleaseShow_03/08_TimeSong.JPG
TAI_ReleaseShow_03/07_TimeSong_SueJeff.JPG TAI_ReleaseShow_03/06_KathrynLake.JPG TAI_ReleaseShow_03/05_Damsel.JPG TAI_ReleaseShow_03/04_Harmony_JeanneJennyNancy.JPG
TAI_ReleaseShow_03/03_Harmonies.JPG TAI_ReleaseShow_03/02_GrandFinale.JPG TAI_ReleaseShow_03/01_GrandFinale.JPG