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There are just so many wonderful songwriters and performers out there...I'd like to mention some truly excellent people who have influenced me and whose music I love:
  • The always entertaining, funny, and generous Christine Lavin
  • Andrew Calhoun, amazing singer/songwriter, musician, all-round wonderful human & teacher, and founder of Waterbug Records
  • Bruce Roper, Sue Demel, and Deb Lader, who together make up the fun, talented, and harmonious Sons of the Never Wrong -- some of the nicest folks you could ever meet, too.  Check out their new CD, On a Good Day... I am -- one gem after another, truly a fantastic listening experience.

The people I list below are those whom I admire both musically and as nice people, in no particular order:

  • Chuck Cheesman - wonderful songwriter, singer, guitar-player, and a great friend to boot!
  • Nancy Walker - known for her strong voice, her honesty, and her kindness - a rare combination indeed.
  • Michael J. Miles - Michael takes the banjo where it's never gone before.  His compositions are skillful and evoke strong emotion and happiness.  He and his music enrich the world.
  • Jenny Bieneman - she is a pioneer with the "looper."  She harmonizes with herself and with others. Her songs are beautiful and original -- as is Jenny.
  • Terry MacNamara - Terry is not only a talented songwriter and musician, but he's prolific in many arts:  photographer extrordinaire, visual artist, actor... and always up for intelligent conversation!
  • Jeanne T. Arrigo - my dear friend, gorgeous voice, gifted singer/songwriter, actress... she's got it all!
  • Tracy Jane Comer - extremely talented songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, singer... how fortunate I am to know so many good and talented people!!
  • Rachel Ries - her songs are original and beautiful and sad... yet they make me happy and they inspire me.
  • Noah Zacharin - I looked in the dictionary under "SO-cool" and there was Noah's picture... You must hear his new CD!!! Check out his music, but also, please watch his YouTube videos... it's hard to believe that all that music comes from one guitar until you actually see it for yourself.
  • Mark Dvorak - He's got a spare story in his pocket and a twinkle in his eye.  He sings, plays multiple instruments, and can choose from his vast repetoire of traditional folk, and his own well-crafted songs.  Very entertaining!
  • Patti Shaffner - beautiful voice, jazzy and folksy, excellent songwriter, wonderful friend (and we met through MySpace!).
  • Amy Dixon-Kolar - moving song-writer, voice both gentle and strong... a positive voice in this world, sharing powerful stories.
    Kat Eggleston - In addition to her own amazing songs, Kat sings all kinds of folk ballads, and she's such a great musician, too.  Try to see her when she comes to your town...
  • Vicki Fuller - not only a jazzy folk singer/songwriter, but an amazing visual artist, too.
  • Naomi Ashley - witty, poignant, beautiful voice and songs... great new website, too!
  • Kristin Cotts - funny, principled, insightful... and not only is she a gifted singer/songwriter, but she composes string quartet instrumentals, and I'm sure that's just the start.
  • the amazing Joe Pug -- listening to his songs, watching him perform, it's hard to believe he's so young -- it's like discovering Springsteen when he was just starting out.  This guy is going places!

  • Sacred Transformations - this one is NON-music-related.  Sacred Transformations is an organization that helps ex-gang members transform their gang tatoos into something else, thus helping these ex-members remove brandings of a time in their lives they no longer wish to exist.  Truly transfomative.  I happened to meet one of the founders, Eric Dean Spruth, at a friend's, and found his spiritual approach to this problem very exciting and positive -- and so I mention it here.
  • more will be added as my brain unfogs, but this is a good start!

Finale, CD Release show @the Orphanage, 10/25/09
'and it's a Fine Line...'
photo by David Sameshima